Topic 1: Reinforcing transparency in the fabrication and Acquisition of Weaponry.
Topic 2: Exploring causality and correlation between legaliziation of drugs and associated crime.

Stella Tarradelles


Stella Tarradellas is DSBMUN Secretary General and chair of UNODC for this year’s DSBMUN conference. She is currently 16 and in her junior year of high school. Stella started participating in MUN in 8th grade, attending various in-person conferences such as BFMUN, BCNMUN, HAGAMUN, and WAWMUN. Growing up in a Greek-Spanish household, she became interested in the way multiple cultures can grow together. That’s why she joined MUN: Through this club, she has developed her public speaking skills and has been given the opportunity to meet amazing people. Stella is looking forward to chairing this April and is hoping for a fun, yet productive debate in UNODC.

Alina Gonzalez


Alina González is this year's Under Secretary General of Finance and chair in UNODC. She has lived in Barcelona for her entire life, although she is half-German and half-Spanish, and is currently in her junior year at DSB. Attending various conferences, such as BCNMUN, WAWMUN, and HAGAMUN, and being a member of her school's MUN for over three years has helped her develop her public speaking skills and has given her a deep passion for debating. Through MUN, she has been given the chance to meet people from all over the world and make new friends. She looks forward to seeing fun and fruitful debates and wishes all delegates the best of luck!

Sofia Trost


Sofia Trost is one of the chairs of this year's UNODC committee. She is currently in 10th grade at the German School of Barcelona, and this is her third year participating in MUN. She has already attended multiple national and international conferences and acquired many skills and experiences. However, this will be her first time chairing. Sofia is very excited to meet all the delegates and to see the debates from a different point of view, especially with this year's topics. Apart from debating, one of her biggest passions is reading, as well as swimming. MUN has not only improved her vocabulary and public speaking skills, but also helped her socialize and meet new people. She hopes everyone will have lots of fun and take home wonderful memories. Best of luck!