Historical Committee

Topic 1: Redacting and passing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Topic 2: Preventing the Escalation of Tensions between the Western Democratic and Eastern Bloc states of Central and Eastern Europe.

Leo Martin


Leo Martín Castillo is our Debate Coordinator and chair of the Historical Committee. Born in Barcelona (a city which he loves), he is currently in 11th grade, has been doing MUN since 8th grade, and has attended seven conferences, including BCNMUN, HAGAMUN (The Hague, Netherlands), and WAWMUN (Warsaw, Poland). MUN has brought him incredible experiences traveling and meeting people from all around Europe. Furthermore, he is interested in politics and history and accordingly, he has planned an original topic for the Historical Committee: to re-write the Declaration of Human Rights.

Pablo Suckow


Pablo Suckow is 17 years old, and even though this is his first time chairing, he has over four years of MUN experience. He was born in Berlin but has lived in Mallorca and Barcelona. He joined Model United Nations because one of his main interests has always been how the world is ruled nationally and internationally. He loves to meet great and fascinating new people. Pablo’s favorite: indefensible points of view. He is eager to witness how the delegates discuss the subjects at hand at the 2024 DSBMUN conference and looks forward to taking part in it!

Luca Lövenich


Luca Lövenich is a chair of the Historical Committee. He is 16 years old and has two years of experience in MUN, attending many conferences, such as BCNMUN, BFISMUN, and WAWMUN. Ever since Luca first heard about this club, he's been interested in participating, which is due to his passion for reading about the past and geopolitics, especially the late middle and early modern ages. Luca enjoys learning and finding solutions for current and past issues, as well as practicing football, ping pong, and tennis. He is passionate about debating problems and how they should or could be fixed, and looks forward to chairing the debate of this committee.