Frequently Asked Questions

Participation in the DSBMUN 2024 conference costs 50,- € per delegate.

The cost of the conference includes lunch, snacks, coffee breaks, and gear such as lanyards, and paper.

DSBMUN is open to high school students ages 14-18 across grades 8 to 12.

Not all five DSBMUN 2024 committees, found under the 'Committees' section of the website, are equal in size. The General Assembly, our beginner-friendly committee, will have up to 30 delegations, while the three intermediate-level committees, ECOSOC and UNODC will house a maximum of 25 delegates. Lastly, our committee for experienced delegates, the Historical Council, will only have 15 members.

All DSBMUN participants are expected to follow a dress code appropriate for a professional setting, following the THIMUN Dress Code. Boys should be dressed in a formal suit, shirt, tie, or similar alternatives, formal trousers. Girls should be dressed equally formally in suits, smart separates (whether trousers or skirts) or dresses.

Electronic devices such as laptops and tablets are permitted for matters related to the conference, however, the use of mobile phones while committees are in session is strictly prohibited. Delegates will be provided with notepaper, although encouraged to bring their own, and will have admins at their disposal to pass notes to other participants.

Due to time constraints, not all delegates will be able to entertain an opening speech, although we recommend delegates prepare speeches in advance.

The DSBMUN conference is hosted at the German School of Barcelona, located in Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona. The school is well connected to BUS lines JM, JT, EP1, and EP2, as well as near a tram.

DSBMUN 2024 will be held from April 11th to April 13th.