Economic and Social Council

1: Addressing international Tax Avoidance and Evasion by Multinational Corporations.
Topic 2: Discussing Gender Equality in Political Representation.

Júlia Autet García


Júlia Autet García is this year's Under Secretary General of Technology and a chair in ECOSOC. She has spent her entire life in Barcelona, where she was born. Currently in her seventh year at the German School of Barcelona, she is in tenth grade. In eighth grade, Júlia became involved in MUN due to her passion for debating, public speaking, and geopolitics, now combining it with her love for programming. Júlia has participated in various MUN conferences, including BCNMUN, DSBMUN, HAGAMUN, BFMUN, and WAWMUN, both virtually and in person, throughout the world. She hopes that ECOSOC will provide an opportunity for both new and seasoned delegates to participate in a heated but exciting debate during this year's DSBMUN. Júlia wishes that this conference will be an unforgettable event.

Melisa Kalkanci


Melisa Kalkanci is one of the chairs for ECOSOC. She was born in Germany into a German/Turkish family and moved to Barcelona due to her parent’s work when she was two years old. Melisa is a sophomore in the German School of Barcelona who has partaken in MUN for the past two years. Over the years, she has attended various international and national conferences such as WAWMUN, HAGAMUN, and BCNMUN. Joining MUN has not only helped her improve her debate skills but has also helped her connect with groups of people with different ideologies and understand their perspectives on controversial topics. MUN has brought her countless new experiences, friends, and unforgettable memories, and she hopes he can make a positive impact on all delegates.

Milán Martin


Milán Martin is the Under Secretary General of Administration as well as Chair of ECOSOC. They are 16, currently in their junior year, and were born in Barcelona, Spain. They have a passion for public speaking, debating, and socializing, which they further developed by attending conferences such as BCNMUN, HAGAMUN, BFMUN, and WAWMUN. MUN has helped them to grow confident in themselves as well as to meet interesting people from all around the world. Milán is looking forward to the conference and wishes everyone the best of luck!!