General Assembly

Topic 1: Creating and further supporting Human Rights Institutions to protect the Right to Religious Freedom
Topic 2: Creating Policies to prevent Children from being exploited in the form of Child Soldiers.

Lasse Grambow


Lasse Grambow is going to chair in theGeneral Assembly in DSBMUN 2024. He is in his second year of MUN and is excited to be chairing for the first time. He has attended multiple conferences, such as DSBMUN 23, BFMUN 23, and WAWMUN 23, where he has met many amazing people. He thinks that MUN is a great way of shaping a political opinion as well as honing social skills, and hopes that everyone will have a great time at DSBMUN 24!

Juliet Mensa


Juliet Mensa is one of your DSBMUN General Assembly chairs this year. She is highly interested in politics and international affairs, having been raised within several cultures. Juliet has been part of the MUN club at the DSB for a couple of years, and this has helped expand her knowledge and interest in debate. Conferences posed an incredible opportunity for her as a delegate to work on public speaking and, of course, making new connections and friendships with participants from around the world. This year, she will be participating as a chair for the first time. She hopes she will be able to create a fun and engaging debate for the attendees as a chair.

Adrià Molina


Adrià will be chairing the GA for DSBMUN 2024. He is 16 years old and has lived in Barcelona ever since he was born. Adrià joined the MUN team in 8th grade and has always loved it, especially since he loves public speaking and won’t hold back in saying his thoughts as a delegate and as a chair. He has participated in more than six conferences, both locally and internationally, such as BCNMUN, HAGAMUN, WAWMUN, and BFMUN. Apart from debating, he also enjoys mountain biking with his friends and meeting up with them. Adrià is looking forward to meeting and chairing all of you delegates of the GA and hopes for a memorable conference!