Security Council

Topic 1: Reflecting on the current situation of Women's Rights in Iran.
Topic 2: Methods for fostering a more stable relationship between China and Taiwan.

Magdalena Burghart


Magdalena Burghart Uecker, currently an 11th grader at the German School of Barcelona, takes on the role of Under Secretary General of Public Relations and chair of the Security Council for the DSBMUN conference. With a passion for international relations and eight conferences of experience, she believes MUN is among the best ways to explore and solve global issues, as well as to build diplomatic skills and network with like-minded individuals from around the globe. She is excited to be a part of the chairing and executive team for the second DSBMUN conference and hopes for an enjoyable and fruitful debate in the Security Council.

Anastasia Salvat


Anastasia Salvat is Secretary General of DSBMUN 2024 and a chair of the Security Council. Half Spanish and half Russian-Lithuanian, she was born in Barcelona and has lived here all her life. She is attending her junior year of high school and has been in MUN since 8th grade. After participating in conferences such as HAGAMUN, WAWMUN, BCNMUN, and BFMUN, Anastasia has developed an immense passion for debating, solving worldwide issues, and public speaking. Being on the executive team has also helped her to enhance her leadership skills and manage her responsibilities. MUN has given her life-long friendships, unforgettable memories, and extraordinary opportunities. She is hoping for a fun and fruitful conference.