Our Team

Stella Tarradelles

Secretary General

Stella Tarradellas is DSBMUN Secretary General and chair of UNODC for this year’s DSBMUN conference. She is currently 16 and in her junior year of high school. Stella started participating in MUN in 8th grade, attending various in-person conferences such as BFMUN, BCNMUN, HAGAMUN, and WAWMUN. Growing up in a Greek-Spanish household, she became interested in the way multiple cultures can grow together. That’s why she joined MUN: Through this club, she has developed her public speaking skills and has been given the opportunity to meet amazing people. Stella is looking forward to chairing this April and is hoping for a fun, yet productive debate in UNODC.

Anastasia Salvat

Secretary General

Anastasia Salvat is Secretary General of DSBMUN 2024 and a chair of the Security Council. Half Spanish and half Russian-Lithuanian, she was born in Barcelona and has lived here all her life. She is attending her junior year of high school and has been in MUN since 8th grade. After participating in conferences such as HAGAMUN, WAWMUN, BCNMUN, and BFMUN, Anastasia has developed an immense passion for debating, solving worldwide issues, and public speaking. Being on the executive team has also helped her to enhance her leadership skills and manage her responsibilities. MUN has given her life-long friendships, unforgettable memories, and extraordinary opportunities. She is hoping for a fun and fruitful conference.

Alina González de Mesa

USG of Finance

Alina González is this year's Under Secretary General of Finance and chair in UNODC. She has lived in Barcelona for her entire life and is currently in her junior year at DSB. Attending various conferences, such as BCNMUN, WAWMUN, and HAGAMUN, and being a member of her school's MUN for over three years has helped her develop her public speaking skills and has given her a high passion for debating. Through MUN, she has gotten the chance to meet people from all over the world and make new friends. She looks forward to seeing fun and fruitful debates and wishes all delegates the best of luck!

Milán Martin

USG of Administration

Milán Martin is the Under Secretary General of Administration as well as Chair of ECOSOC. They are 16, currently in their junior year, and were born in Barcelona, Spain. They have a passion for public speaking, debating, and socializing, which they further developed by attending conferences such as BCNMUN, HAGAMUN, BFMUN, and WAWMUN. MUN has helped them to grow confident in themselves as well as to meet interesting people from all around the world. Milán is looking forward to the conference and wishes everyone the best of luck!!

Alejandro Novellón

USG of Media

Alejandro Novellón is the Under Secretary General of Media of DSBMUN 2024. Half Spanish and half German, he was born in Barcelona and has lived there his whole life. He is 17 years old and in 11th grade. He has been part of the executive team since last year. He was the photographer of last year's conference and the designer of the former webpage. Ever since his childhood, he has loved being surrounded by people and combining it with his passion: technology. He is so excited to bring his passion for Model UN and his love of photography together to make DSBMUN an amazing event for all delegates!

Júlia Autet García

USG of Technology

Júlia Autet García is this year's Under Secretary General of Technology and a chair in ECOSOC. She has spent her entire life in Barcelona, where she was born. Currently in her seventh year at the German School of Barcelona, she is in tenth grade. In eighth grade, Júlia became involved in MUN due to her passion for debating, public speaking, and geopolitics, now combining it with her love for programming. Júlia has participated in various MUN conferences, including BCNMUN, DSBMUN, HAGAMUN, BFMUN, and WAWMUN, both virtually and in person, throughout the world. She hopes that ECOSOC will provide an opportunity for both new and seasoned delegates to participate in a heated but exciting debate during this year's DSBMUN. Júlia wishes that this conference will be an unforgettable event.

Gerard Sala

USG of Design

Gerard Sala is the Under Secretary General of Design for DSBMUN 2024. He was born in Barcelona, Spain, and has a high interest in politics and debate, which he further cultivated by attending conferences such as BCNMUN, HAGAMUN, and WAWMUN since 2021. MUN has helped him develop his public speaking skills and meet great and interesting people from all around the world. In this conference, he can combine two of his passions—design and debating—and hopes that this event is one you will remember!

Lasse Grambow

USG of Catering

Lasse Grambow is going to chair in theGeneral Assembly in DSBMUN 2024. He is in his second year of MUN and is excited to be chairing for the first time. He has attended multiple conferences, such as DSBMUN 23, BFMUN 23, and WAWMUN 23, where he has met many amazing people. He thinks that MUN is a great way of shaping a political opinion as well as honing social skills, and hopes that everyone will have a great time at DSBMUN 24!

Leo Martin

Debate Coordinator

Leo Martín Castillo is our Debate Coordinator and chair of the Historical Committee. Born in Barcelona (a city which he loves), he is currently in 11th grade, has been doing MUN since 8th grade, and has attended seven conferences, including BCNMUN, HAGAMUN (The Hague, Netherlands), and WAWMUN (Warsaw, Poland). MUN has brought him incredible experiences traveling and meeting people from all around Europe. Furthermore, he is interested in politics and history and accordingly, he has planned an original topic for the Historical Committee: to re-write the Declaration of Human Rights.

Magdalena Burghart

USG of Public Relations

Magdalena Burghart Uecker, currently an 11th grader at the German School of Barcelona, takes on the role of Under Secretary General of Public Relations and chair of the Security Council for the DSBMUN conference. With a passion for international relations and eight conferences of experience, she believes MUN is among the best ways to explore and solve global issues, as well as to build diplomatic skills and network with like-minded individuals from around the globe. She is excited to be a part of the chairing and executive team for the second DSBMUN conference and hopes for an enjoyable and fruitful debate in the Security Council.